08 October 2006

The Agency Delta, by Blake Schwendiman

October 08 2006 (04:17:00)

I use gmail; I love it. One of its little features, or quirks, is a thing they call "web clips. " Web clips are little teasers about different things on the web, often news articles, new products, practically anything you might find on the Internet, which after all is simply practically everything.

Some time ago, I think early in September, one of these little clips sent me to The Agency Delta, by Blake Schwendiman, a book available online in pdf format for free. If you'd like to read The Agency Delta, visit Ms. Schwendiman's website.

I have a weakness for thrillers, mysteries, and to some extent, science-fiction. The Agency Delta is all three. It's a pretty well-done tour deforce set a few decades into the future, involving an incredibly rich leader of a giant high-tech corporation, his amazing yet unlikely discovery of a very peculiar phenomenon on the Internet, his evil competitors, and his very good friend, a man named Ramesh, who is unusually ethical.

It's a good read, very entertaining, and I am grateful to the author for making her work available for free. I'm not sure what the business model is going to be for writers in the future, but I think she may be onto something. New writers with novel-length works have a tough time getting published on paper these days. With the availability of inexpensive (even free) web hosting and software it is not a major feat for such an author to publish her work herself. How to publicize it and how to make a living are two very good questions, but Schwendiman has made a very good start.

I wish her well.

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