16 March 2007


March 16 2007 (15:55:00)

I must thank Merle Reagle and his crossword puzzle of 11 March 2007 for reminding me of Saki. I struggled for a while with that clue, and the name "H.H. Munro" popped into my mind.

Wikipedia has a good article about him, which has whetted my appetite.

Saki's works are now in the public domain, so here are some links to places where his stories may be read online:



I just read "A Holiday Task" from the first site, and "The Open Window" from the second. Both tales put me in mind of O'Henry's work -- I found the second more to my liking. They are both excellently written, compact, perfectly done.

Here's a link to "The Chronicles of Clovis" with an introduction by A.A. Milne.


Good reading!