17 June 2007

The Wanderings of My Reading Life

I started writing these little reviews in October 2005. At that time I put them on a free blogging site called "Blogsource." It seemed fine at the time. Here's the original URL of My Reading Life:
Please note that that link will become non-functional at some point. That's what I understand, anyway.

Blogsource recently let me know that they were shutting down, but offered to move my blog to a new location:
And indeed they did. They did a fine job, as far as I have checked. But it's just not where I want to be. Live Digital is very nice, and free, and works OK, and this is in no way any kind of complaint about either Live Digital or Blogsource. They are both free, and provide a way for people to publish stuff on the Web without doing a lot of work to format it. That's what I was looking for at the outset. But Live Digital is a "social networking" site, according to the person that communicated with me. It has lots of features that don't interest me in the least, and doesn't impress me as the place that I want as a home for this journal.

Since I have two other blogs hosted here on Blogger, it makes sense to move My Reading Life here too. So that's what I'm working on. I've moved quite a few entries, starting with the most recent and working my way backwards.

At the present, then, there are 3 different places where I've placed this blog on the Internet. Eventually, blogsource.com will go away. And I will most likely remove my stuff from livedigital.com as well, but not anytime soon.

If you enjoy reading my little essays, you'll find them here on Blogger.

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