04 December 2009


OMFG, as they say on the Internet. I have been totally immersed in reading the beautiful, artful, lyric work of Neil Gaiman & Co. I know that I read these comics on paper many years ago, but my memory of them is dim.

These stories and drawings of the adventures of Morpheus, god of Dream, one of the Endless (including Destiny, Death, Despair, Delirium, and Desire -- and one mysterious other?) are nothing less than classic mythology rendered in a breathtaking, gripping, modern form.

I do think that the graphic storyteller is a very underrated artist in this time, and that future generations (should there be any) will look back at them as we do now at artists who were scorned or ignored during their lifetimes. We now sell paintings and other work by such people for millions and millions of dollars.

And my heartfelt thanks to http://htmlcomics.com for making these works and so many others available.

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