27 November 2010

Swan Peak, by James Lee Burke

This Dave Robicheaux novel takes place in Montana. Cletus Purcel, Dave, and his wife Molly, are spending the summer with Albert Hollister, a retired English professor.

It's not much of a vacation. Clete is intimidated by a couple of hired thugs within the first few pages of the book. Murders that at first seem like serial killings are reported soon afterward. Cletus' drinking and womanizing, and Dave's sober-alcoholic angst threaten to get in the way of them being any help to the local sheriff, and the FBI (in the person of a young lady to whom Cletus takes a liking).

Burke does a great job of describing the Montana countryside, and evoking the moods of this tough, remote land.

Swan Peak is a thoroughly enjoyable continuation of the Dave Robicheaux series.

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