31 December 2010

More reading to do soon

A few more titles from the last few pages of the 2010 Indie Bound Book calendar:

  • Restless, by William Boyd
  • The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears, by Dinaw Mengestu
  • The Girls, by Lori Lansen

And some from the 12 December 2010 issue of The Seattle Times,  page H4, "Best Crime Fiction of 2010."

  • Rock Paper Tiger, by Lisa Brackmann
  • The Weed That Strings The Hangman's Bag, by Alan Bradley
  • Faithful Place, by Tana French
  • Spies of the Balkans, by Alan Furst
  • This Body of Death, by Elizabeth George
  • The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing, by Tarquin Hall
  • Moonlight Mile, by Dennis Lehane
  • I'd Know You Anywhere, by Laura Lippman
  • Still Midnight, by Denise Mina
  • The Devil's Star, by Jo Nesbø
Also, we went to the movies today to see True Grit,  a remake of the old John Wayne western. This one, directed and produced by the illustrious Coen Brothers, stars Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. I'm not going to try to start reviewing movies, don't know enough for that, but I mention this because one of the previews we saw was for an upcoming movie of Lincoln Lawyer,  made from the novel by the same name, by Michael Connelly. I instantly remembered reading Lincoln Lawyer,  and looked forward to finding it in this journal. It's not here, which means either I read it before I started keeping this (October 2005), or (likely) I forgot to enter it. In any event, Mrs. L. thinks she and I both read this book and at least one other my Connelly. I retrieved a book list from Connelly's web site and expect to pursue some reading in that direction as well.

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