26 February 2011

Djibouti, by Elmore Leonard

A great read by an old master. The only fault I find with this is that everyone in this book talks like an Elmore Leonard character. "The hell is that?" "He wants to know makes you so sure?" etc.

But Mr. Leonard, having created so many novels, films, TV shows and stories, can get away with quite a bit of license.

In this novel, there is a documentary filmmaker (Dara), her close friend and assistant (Xavier), who are from New Orleans. They travel to Djibouti where Dara hopes to film a documentary about Somalian pirates. In the course of this rather complicated plot (further complicated by Leonard jumping back and forth between Dara and Xavier's conversations about what they have filmed and actual "real-time" action) they run afoul of a very crazy bad guy (this is an Elmore Leonard novel) named Jama, nee James Russell.


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