15 March 2011

Rain Gods, by James Lee Burke

Audio book.

A hell of a good book by James Lee Burke, the author of the Dave Robicheaux series. This book is set in Texas, and features a small-town sheriff named Hackberry Holland.

Holland discovers a mass grave containing 9 Asian women recently killed by gunfire. Further investigation reveals that these women are heroin "mules," with drug balloons in their stomachs.

As the story unfolds, several colorful characters emerge. Holland's deputy is Pam Gaddis, a young woman with more than workplace affection for the sheriff. An unfortunate young couple, Vicky and Pete, become involved in the investigation and endangered by the numerous hardened criminals exposed in the process.

Of the bad guys, "Preacher" Jack Collins is the worst. He is at best a psychopath, at worst pure Evil.

James Lee Burke never fails to please, and this was a thoroughly enjoyable novel.

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