17 November 2014

The Guardian's list of 100 Greatest Novels

The Guardian has posted a list of "The 100 greatest novels of all time." Of these, I have read, think maybe I've read, or attempted to read 38 of them. To wit:

A= attempted; R=read; ?=I'm not sure but I may have read, or attempted this

T=thanks to my high school education; *=one of my favorite books ever

Don Quixote A
Robinson Crusoe R
Gulliver's Travels R -- my elementary school library had a really beautiful edition of this, as I recall, with illustrations, such as one of Gulliver tied down by the Lilliputians.
Tom Jones R
Frankenstein R*
David Copperfield R
Jane Eyre R
Scarlet Letter RT
Moby Dick A
Alice in Wonderland R*
The Brothers of Karamazov A
Huckleberry Finn A*
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde R
The Picture of Dorian Gray R
Jude the Obscure R
Call of the Wild ?
The Wind in the Willows R*
Ulysses R
The Trial A
Brave New World R* "a gram is better than a damn"
The Big Sleep R*
The Plague RT
Nineteen Eighty-Four R* "war is peace"
Catcher in the Rye RT--I recently re-read this, and it didn't really hold up.
Lord of the Rings R
Lord of the Flies RT
The Quiet American -- I think I only saw the movie made from this. Really should read it. Greene is always delightful.
On the Road R*--Capote said it wasn't writing, but typing, but I loved it when I read it.
Lolita R
To Kill a Mockingbird R*T--I always felt I wanted to see more from Harper Lee, but she felt that she had written all she needed to.
Catch 22 R
Herzog ?
One Hundred Years of Solitude A
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy R*--and the miniseries at least twice, and the recent movie.
Song of Solomon R
The BFG ?--not sure, but I have definitely read "The Twits."
The Book of Laughter and Forgetting ?
LA Confidential R

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